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Theft Under 5000 Criminal Charge – Criminal Code of Canada

A charge of Theft under 5000 dollars or Shoplifting are minor criminal offences and OTT Legal knows how to get these dropped.
Theft under 5000 means that the property involved in the charge had a value under five thousand ($5000.00) dollars, and the accused took the property without consent.
Although “Theft Under” is considered a minor charge, Theft Under 5000 dollars is still a criminal offence that upon conviction will result in a criminal record.
Criminal records affect you when you apply for jobs and when traveling. As well if you have a previous criminal record then the penalty for any subsequent offence is increased due to your record.
Often theft charges are laid by police and store security as a result of a minor theft or “Shoplifting”.
Many times the theft or shoplifting charge will be the result of an accident, where the accused mistakenly left the business without paying for the item. If it is a case where you inadvertently left the store without paying, unless you are properly represented the court will still consider this action a theft.

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