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The consequences for a conviction in a drinking and driving offence are catastrophic. Firstly there is a criminal record which will limit employment possibilities and perhaps prohibit travel into the United States.

Your insurance costs can increase greater than $10,000 if an insurance company will insure you at all. And then to get your licence back you will need to take a driving course and put an Interlock device in your car. For a first offence you will lose your license for a period of time, usually between three to fifteen months and the judge can sentence you to jail – but that rarely happens for a first offence – but it could happen.

For a second offence the penalty is a license suspension for three years and an automatic jail sentence of at least 30 days. For a third conviction you will lose your license for life and be sentenced to a minimum of four months in jail.
Your decision in choosing a lawyer is so very important. And again, the quality of the lawyer is not always determined by the amount of legal fees charged. Just because a lawyer might ask for substantial retainer does not mean he has a good understanding of drinking and driving law or that he has the experience and toughness to provide a first class defense.

Mr. Anders has appeared with success in almost every jurisdiction in Ontario as Crown Counsel or as a private lawyer. As well, Mr. Anders has appeared in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

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