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Ken Anders has strived for more than 30 years to meet the needs and assist through aggressive legal means clients who have been charged with criminal offences ranging from murder to shoplifting.


If you have been charged with domestic assault you must speak with an experienced and caring, criminal lawyer.  You probably have no criminal record and you must avoid getting a record.  Your employment might involve security checks and a needed ability to cross borders.

Your conditions of release will prohibit contact between yourself and your loved one.  You likely have children and you need to communicate with your spouse.  You need to have the conditions of release changed so that you can speak with one another.

Another condition of release will prohibit you from living in your home.  It might even be necessary for you to live with your surety.  In some situations these conditions can be changed.

Mr. Anders has extensive experience dealing with all issues involved in domestic assault cases and he will patiently explain all your options. And once you meet with Ken, he will get things done and get your life back to normal very quickly.

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