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Ken Anders has strived for more than 40 years to meet the needs and assist through aggressive legal means clients who have been charged with criminal offences ranging from murder to shoplifting.


If  you are reading this then you or your spouse or someone close to you has just been charged with Domestic Assault. Sometimes police will release the person accused from the police station. And other times police hold the person in custody for a bail review the next day. If you need assistance with a bail review CALL IMMEDIATELY.


1.  You cannot go home or even speak with the alleged injured party (spouse).
2.  You are in extremely serious jeopardy of getting a criminal record which will affect employment, travel and that’s not all.
3.  There is a very real risk that you will be sentenced to jail.  The range of sentence could be 10-15 days or several months and possibly longer
4.  It is very difficult to represent yourself on a charge of Domestic Assault.  And if you do retain the services of a lawyer, be sure that  the lawyer has defended many Domestic Assaults.
5.  It doesn’t matter if your spouse has changed their mind – the charges will not be dropped.


1.  It is possible in many cases to vary the  terms of your release to allow for communication with your spouse.  However the variation often requires a legal motion.
2. Depending on how you intend to plead and the amount of violence alleged it is possible for  you to return to your home with your spouse and continue the business of raising your children perhaps within 2 months of being charged.

3.  Not everyone charge with Domestic Assault leaves court with a criminal record.  Even if you admit guilt depending on the severity of the alleged assault you may not get a criminal record.


There are many different factors that influence the final result in a case involving Domestic Assault.  The consequences for a very minor assault can be life ruining but it doesn’t have to be.  An experienced, aggressive lawyer can find ways to place their client in a favourable position  

I have defended and prosecuted ( being a former Crown Attorney) more than 1000 individuals that have been charged with Domestic violence. I will help you through this legal nightmare.

I offer a free initial consultation and there will be no fairy stories.  You will always get the truth.  Sometimes the truth is difficult but if it is bad, I will tell you it’s bad.  If I believe you have a defence I will explain it.  If I think you can avoid a life ruining criminal record I will explain the steps  you must take to get there.
And finally there will be legal fees.  I will be fair and tell you up front how much those fees will be.

If you have been charged with domestic assault you must speak with an experienced and caring, criminal lawyer.  You probably have no criminal record and you must avoid getting a record.  Your employment might involve security checks and a needed ability to cross borders.

Your conditions of release will prohibit contact between yourself and your loved one.  You likely have children and you need to communicate with your spouse.  You need to have the conditions of release changed so that you can speak with one another.

Another condition of release will prohibit you from living in your home.  It might even be necessary for you to live with your surety.  In some situations these conditions can be changed.

Mr. Anders has extensive experience dealing with all issues involved in domestic assault cases and he will patiently explain all your options. And once you meet with Ken, he will get things done and get your life back to normal very quickly.

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