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Mr. Anders Is Committed To Providing His Clients With The Personal Attention Each Client Deserves.

Ken Anders has strived for more than 40 years to meet the needs and assist through aggressive legal means clients who have been charged with criminal offences ranging from murder to shoplifting.


I was charged with refuse breath sample.  A Judge referred me to Ken.  He met with me at least 5 times for preparation.  We were in court for 3 days for trial.  I was found not guilty and Ken said he would write to have my photo and prints destroyed.  A criminal conviction would have been life ruining. And his fees were fair.  Thank you, thank you Ken. 

James O.


I was charged with drive disqualified, obstruct police, careless driving and fail to remain at accident. 
I pled guilty to fail to surrender my license under the Highway Traffic Act and was fined $200 and all the other charges were withdrawn.  Not even any points.  Ken, you helped me greatly and you saved my family. Thanks.

Harpal S.

Newmarket Court

There can be no words to express my thanks.  I was charged with impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death and failing to stop in a fatality.  If convicted I would have received at least 4 years in prison.  After a really hard fought battle in court, I was found not guilty and walked out of court free.  Ken was great. He returned every phone call ( I called him at least 50 times), filed every motion, did not over charge and he WON.  And I know that no one else would have worked so hard and it’s impossible to really express how much I appreciate all you did for me. And if anyone wants to call me to confirm what I just wrote get my number from Ken and I will talk to you.

Andy Q

Newmarket Court

thanks ken for doing a great job on my shoplifting charge  it was my second time and ken got me a second diversion    

Maryanne P

North York Court

no way to thank you enough for working so hard firstly thankyou for having my bail changed so i could move back home and then thankyou for working to have my charges withdrawn and i look forward to the destruction of my fingerprints and picture which the police have  Z.O.



had a legal problem and called my friend and lawyer ,ken and wasnt surprised when he made the problem go away  he doesnt charge tons and included in my legal fee was a golf lesson  wouldnt trust anyone else

Garth M

I drove off a road and parked in a laneway however police demanded a sample of my breath. I refused and told the Judge I was beaten by the police In fact I received an injured ear anda concussion. Ken used the fact that the police injured me and my charge was dismissed . I have no record and my fingerprints have been destroyed.

Ryan W.

Blind River

Twice in 2014 I was charged with possession of illegal drugs.  Both times the charges were withdrawn.  I have a profession and my life would have been destroyed had I been convicted.  Don’t have the words to properly say thanks.

Michael C.

Made a mistake and drank too much.  Police charged me with over 80 after I was involved in an accident on Bathurst Street.  After the first witness testified, Ken convinced the Crown to allow me to plead guilty to careless driving.  I did not lose my licence.  I am 21 years old and am just about to graduate from university.  I did not get a criminal record!

Finch Court

I fell asleep while driving.  I was charged with over 80 mgs. and after a two day trial in Court I was found not guilty and I kept my license and Ken said he would have my fingerprints and photograph destroyed.



thnx ken for winning my dui trial it took 3 days and your fee was reasonable and WE WON !!!!!!!!!  

Old City Hall

friends told me to save my money cuz nobody wins a dui case dont know the right words to thank you ken  just couldnt believe it when i heard the judge say

Metro West Court 2201 Finch Ave W.

thanks ken for saving me  had a dui that with ken’s help was reduced to careless driving  i am not a citizen and a criminal record might have meant being deported  thank you so very much

Youssef M.


I had been quite ill with cancer but was charged with drunk driving (over 80). I have a prior conviction so if I had been convicted, I would have gone to jail. My defence was that I was not intending to put the car in motion and that I did not have the key for the car although I was seated in the driver s seat. Two police officers testified that the motor was running.I testified that the motor was not running. In the end the judge did not accept the police evidence and i was found not guilty!! I cannot thank Ken enough because I needed my license in order to attend for treatments. And Ken did not charge me a lot because of my illness. I did not believe my case could be won but Ken did it.

Rick M.


Second time I was charged with price tag switch. Ken argued for an absolute discharge and the Judge agreed.  Thanks Ken

Milton Court

I hired Ken in 2011. We requested several adjournments. On April 25, 2013 my over 80 charge was withdrawn and I pled guilty to careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act. As a result I have no criminal record and can still cross borders and look forward to the destruction of my fingerprints and photograph. The truth is that Ken saved my life.

Brian T.


Ken won a case for me several years ago but I didn’t learn my lesson and got charged again for over 80.  It seemed like there was no chance to win but at the end of the trial the Judge said “not guilty.”  I don’t know how to thank Ken for saving my life again.

Jason R.


Was at a party and I became involved in a quarrel.  Unfortunately a person was kicked in the face and has since required surgery.  I was charged with assault causing bodily harm and it was alleged that I was the person that kicked the victim in the face.  The trial lasted 2 days and I was found completely not guilty. Thanks to you Ken.

Pandher G.

Brampton Court

I was charged with domestic assault. Am ashamed to admit I did hit my wife. Ken had charges dropped and I entered into a common law peace bond. Ken did not over charge and he did way more than he promised. Thank you for helping me and I did not not end up with a criminal record.



Ken won two drunk driving cases for me in the last nine months. If I had not hired Ken I would have no license and would have gone to jail. He won one case in Newmarket and the other in Oshawa.



love you ken  i still dont believe it  drove into the river and ken got it down from dui to careless

Rick V.

I was charged with impaired driving and driver over 80 milligrams and after a two day trial I was found not guilty of both charges and the Judge indicated he could not accept the police evidence . I love Ken!

Maurice S.

North Bay

I was charged with D.U.I. and Ken found a way and we won on the second day of trial. It was a life changer for me. Thanks Ken.

Eric O.


I was convicted three years ago of impaired driving.  At that time I hired a lawyer whose website says he wins 97% of his cases.  He did not come to my trial but sent a junior lawyer and we lost.  This time I hired Mr. Anders and I thought I would be going to jail and lose my licence for at least three years and have insurance costs that I would not be able to afford.  Ken absolutely discredited the police officer and we won the trial and I was found not guilty.  I know I had the best lawyer. If any one wants to call me, I gave Ken permission to give my phone number.

Shayne n.


I have two prior convictions for impaired driving. Ken was not my lawyer for either of my two prior convictions. For the charge in Guelph it took two days and a written argument but Ken won. If I had lost, I would have lost my license for life and gone to jail for at least four months. And his fees were fair. I would have paid twice as much. I have had other lawyers – Ken is the best.

Florent G.


After dealing with my assault charge for months i retained ken anders for not so much money and we went to court about 10 days later and the charge was withdrawn  i was not guilty and ken really really helped me and i love the way i was treated 

Melissa C

College Park Court

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