Careless Driving and Stunt Driving

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Careless driving and stunt driving are probably the two most serious charges under the Highway Traffic Act. Each charge carries the risk of a jail sentence.


In addition to the possibility of a jail sentence is the risk of a sentence involving the suspension of your driver’s licence. And if all of that isn’t bad enough – there is horrific increase in insurance rates and the real possibility that you might find yourself unable to even obtain insurance.

There is very little difference from an insurance perspective between a conviction for impaired driving and a conviction for careless driving or stunt driving. If convicted of careless driving or stunt driving your insurance will likely triple.

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For stunt driving, your licence is automatically suspended for 7 days and your vehicle is impounded when you are charged.

In court you can be sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months. The maximum fine is $10,000. The court also has the power to suspend your licence for years.

If convicted of careless driving, you can be fined between $400 – $2000 or you can be sentenced to jail for a maximum of 6 months. In addition if convicted you lose 6 points. And after all of that your licence might also be suspended.

In addition to defending criminal cases, I also represent persons charged with serious traffic offences. Stunt driving and careless driving are very serious. Again, I have decades of experience and have successfully defended many clients charged with careless driving and stunt driving.

Very often the prosecution will accept a plea to a far less serious charged that might not have much impact on your insurance and perhaps not involve a loss of points. And there are situations where you might want to plead not guilty and in those situations there is no substitute for an experienced tough criminal lawyer.

If you have been charged call me and I will see you immediately. I will tell you as best as I can what your chances of successfully defending the charge and I will also tell you exactly what your legal fees will be.

It will not be necessary for you to make repeated appearances in court. I will attend without you in order to set a date and it is very possible that you will never have to attend court.

I will obtain full disclosure from the prosecution office and we will review it together. You will always be treated courteously and every phone call will be returned on the same day. And if our appointment is for a specific time , then I promise not to keep you waiting anymore than 5 minutes. I don’t like waiting and am certain that you feel the same.

So please call and I promise to help you!

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